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Live Casino. What Can Online Live Casinos With Real Dealer Offer Players


One of American organizations, which specialize on studying online live casino industry, did an interesting research. Experts of the organization tried to find out what is missing that players would like to get at online live casinos. One of the main factors they found was lack of communication.

Players complained that they need more verbal interaction with online live casino staff. The same concerns had people who were interested in online live casino games, but didn't play them.

Since the time research was done, many online live casinos introduced real dealers, who at some extent resolved the problem of lack of communication. Playing live casino games, customers can talk not only to a dealer, but also to each other. Of course, they are not allowed to tell what cards they have or help others to play, but overall communication is welcomed.

Offer of Live Casinos

However, organizing live casino games is quite expensive since there are salaries have to be paid to dealers, and the cost of participating in live casino games is higher compared to standard casino games.

It is because of higher bet limits. But for European players it's not a big problem. They can afford spending 10 Euros per slot machine spin.

Online live casinos with real dealers can offer communication, and that their key advantage over usual online live casinos.

Players don't feel alone. They can hear and see a dealer, can see and hear other players. They observe all the processes so that there will be no cheating concerns raised. This is an important aspect. A lot of players refused to place bets at online live casinos because they didn't trust computer programs.