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Live Casinos or Usual Online Casinos: Where Getting Winnings Is Easier?


For those who are unfamiliar with online live casino, "real dealer" can sound quite strange. At online live casinos there are their own rules, and very often games are run by a computer dealer that isn't real one.

To let players know that the game is run by real and not virtual dealers, they were called live dealers. As a result, games were named live casino games.

Of course, most of the times online live casinos as well as their players are fine without real dealers. And it's not that casino customers prefer to deal with computer applications. Specifics of online live casino games are the reason.

If we consider chances of winning, it doesn't matter who is running the game, whether it's a real person or random number generator and software. In both cases online live casino has an edge, and a player always takes losing position. Of course, it becomes losing in the long run, when dispersion has minimum effect.

One more important aspect that doesn't let live casino dealers become widespread is players' preferences. It's not a secret that the most popular online live casino game is the ordinary slot machine. According to some estimations, slot machines earn online live casinos up to 90% of their total profit. There is nothing for live casino dealer to do in case of slot machines. The same is true about some other online live casino games, such as video poker.

Live Casinos vs Usual Online Casinos

But games like roulette and black jack are not as good without live casino dealers. Of course, computer program will diligently take bets and pay winnings, but the atmosphere won't be the same as in land based casino.

With the help of live dealers, casinos try to make their customers feel what land based casino gamers feel when they play. It's difficult to say how successful they are in accomplishing that, but the fact is there are increasing numbers of live casino dealers.

Many players, especially those who got used to betting big, simply don't accept any computer applications, since they think that for their money they deserve playing with a real human. For such customers it is very important that live casino game is run by a real dealer.