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Live Casino. How Live Casinos Resolve Key Problem of Traditional Online Casinos


From the moment first online live casino started to operate, experts have highlighted the lack of real communication that players would miss. Online live casinos software developers considered this issue and created platforms that allowed offering live casino games.

Characteristics of Live Games

Main participants of live casino games are player and dealer. Computer program in this case is used just to control the game and transmit audio and video streams. Live casino game itself requires real equipment involved.

If online live casino customer has chosen roulette, there's a real roulette table. The same is true about black jack, baccarat and poker.

Basically, live casino player receives the same services offered at land based casinos. Of course, you won't be able to touch chips or cards, but the game will be controlled online by a real dealer, who takes bets and pays winnings.

Live Casino. How Live Casinos Resolve Key Problem of Traditional Online Casinos

Live Dealers

For a dealer his or her job at live casino has almost no differences compared to working at offline casino. Instead of players there are displays installed at live casinos that show gamers if they choose that option.

Everything else does not differ much. There are some nuances of controlling the game, but overall, any offline casino dealer can work at live casino after a little bit of training.

Several cameras are installed around the table, they transmit high definition video. Separate video camera is always located above live casino roulette wheel or above the place where dealer puts cards.

Players can communicate with a dealer using video or audio, as well as via chat.

Good dealer is fluent in several languages and is able to run many live casino games at the same time.

Differences in Live Casino Game Rules

Live casino games a ыlways follow the most traditional game rules. You shouldn't expect that dealer will be running some unique variation of black jack or roulette.

Minimum bet limit is higher compared to online casino games. Live casino games are designed first of all for wealthy customers. Maximum bet limits are also much higher. Some tables are used only for big games and customers with small deposit can't play there.