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Live Casino. How live casinos detect swindlers


At land-based casino, watching clients is a standard security measure. In an overcrowded casino, it’s easy to oversee dishonest players and even thieves. While online live casino clients can forget about this problem, it is highly relevant for land-based casinos. Furthermore, video surveillance allows to detect professional players and make them leave before the live casino suffers big losses.

However, online live casinos are watching their clients as well. The only difference is that this kind of monitoring is subtle and does not cause frustration among gamblers.

Why are online live casinos watching their clients?

There is no need to worry. First, online live casinos do not have a security service. Second, live casinos never use your web camera for secret surveillance. There are no employees watching how things at slots are going and why, for example, a group of players are hiding a slot screen from the camera.

Instead of surveillance, live casinos record basic game parameters. This function is performed by an automated online live casino system rather than by casino employees. Every game application used by clients saves all information to the server. This information can be later extracted and analyzed, if needed. But in most cases, it poses no interest whatsoever, even for statistical purposes.

Live casinos and swindlers

The live casino system records major parameters, including average bet size, number of bets per hour or other period, payout rate, amount of winnings, and other. These data are recorded for each single slot and live casino game.

Usually, the most useful information includes generic data that allow to estimate online casino performance. Online live casinos do not care about a 15-minute game session of some player. They are interested in the general picture.

Disputes and swindlers

In case of a dispute between a player and an online live casino, the latter can provide the recorded data as a proof to both the player and regulatory authorities.

Moreover, play session analysis allows to detect fraudulent manipulations– for example, if they are using a bug in the program code to their advantage.