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Roulette with Live Dealer at Live Casino


Roulette with Live Dealer at Live CasinoAccording to some players, online casinos are cheap replacements of live games at land-based casinos. Nevertheless, the player had a rather limited choice: either to go to the nearest land-based casino or play at online casino. Today, we have one more option which can be called a middle ground. It is live games at live casino – an online version of traditional brick-and-mortar casinos. The most popular gambling games, including roulette, are available at live casinos.

Live roulette at live casino: Special features

The interactive game of roulette with live dealers at live casino is broadcast via a regular web camera. Dealers are beautiful young ladies who not only spin the wheel, but also engage in a pleasant conversation with the player. If the computer is equipped with audio equipment, the player can make voice bets or make instructions to the dealer via online chat. Furthermore, online chat is where you can talk with other players – if your casinos offers a multi-user version of the game.

The process of playing at live roulette stays just the same: the dealer accepts bets, starts the wheel, announces winning sectors. But payouts are made automatically through the casino interface. In case of a difficulty, novice players can count on the dealer’s help. The dealer is always ready to refresh the rules in your head, tell you when you need to make a bet, and tell you about payout coefficients for different bets.

Live Roulette: Advantages

In addition to the atmosphere imitating a real land-based casino , roulette with live dealers offers a range of advantages. Instead of the random number generator, winning sectors are determined by a real-life roulette wheel which obeys to the laws of physics and not to some mathematical algorithm. The player has the opportunity to watch the roulette ball moving in real time and make sure that the game is integral and transparent.

Relaxing atmosphere mostly depends on professional and personal qualities of the dealer. Respectable live casinos employ a pretty big number of dealers, which allows the client to chose a pleasant company for the game.

Live roulette at live casino: Disadvantages

The main drawback of live roulette is that the quality of a video broadcast fully depends on the Internet provider used by the player. Troubles with Internet connection may distort the image broadcast via web camera and spoil the overall impression from the game.

A less significant drawback is the speed of the game. In online roulette, it takes the player a minute to make several bets and see the result. In live roulette, one round may last up to several minutes.

Knowing about advantages and disadvantages of online roulette and live roulette, ever player can decide which version he would like to play. Those online casinos, which respect themselves and their clients, offer both versions of roulette in order to meet the requirement of their most demanding visitors.