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Live Casino. Can You Get Money For Registering at Live Casino?


It is supposed that live casinos give bonuses to a player only under condition that he/she will deposit money. And even though in most of the cases this is exactly what happens, some live casinos are ready to give money or other bonuses for registering.

No Deposit Bonuses at Live Casino

As you may know, there are almost no traditional bonuses left at online live casinos that don’t require depositing. In other words, big size bonus credits that can be withdrawn from a live casino disappeared. Novice live casino players can expect $5-$10 maximum. These bonuses can hardly attract anyone, but even they are offered very rarely.

Other bonuses became widespread at live casinos and are offered more frequently.

Can You Get Money For Registering at Live Casino?

Free Spins at Live Casinos

Live casino gives every registered customer a certain number of free slot machine spins. Although spins are free, winnings received during those spins (if there are any) are real, that means they are paid in real money.

The number of spins is limited. Therefore, you can't count on a long free series of rounds. On the other hand, there are no additional conditions except for registering.

Of course, you are unlikely to be allowed to withdraw money from a live casino. You almost certainly will be required to make a deposit and fulfill wagering requirements. But if you planned to register at that live casino anyway, then few free spins won't do you any harm.

One Hour Bonuses

One hour bonuses are another type of gift to new players that is becoming popular. They are valid, as you might guess, during one hour after registration. Sometimes time period when the bonus considered valid is longer. Everything depends on conditions specific to each live casino.

A player receives bonus credits that can be used for any live casino games. Although credits are given for free, winnings received from them are real.

Similarly to free spins, in order to withdraw money you won, you'll have to make a deposit and complete wagering requirements. But the fact that live casinos are ready to practically give bonus for nothing is a nice surprise. Let's point out that the size of the bonus can be quite significant, and won't be less than, for instance, standard welcome bonuses.

The most important is that it looks like the times when deposit was a necessary condition for receiving a bonus are becoming a thing of a past. And that's good. But if we are talking about live casinos, then we need to say that unfortunately you won't be able to play without money.