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How to prevent gambling addiction


Gambling addiction is easier to prevent than to treat. In early stages of ludomania, a player still has the will to quit on his own. However, as the disorder is progressing, you are going to need professional advice. Some online casinos take care of their clients, helping them avoid gambling addiction and combat it.

Responsible gambling

Few players know what responsible gambling really means, erroneously thinking that it’s all about a live casino creating a comfortable and enjoyable environment for its clients. However, responsible gambling is a wider term that primarily relates to players rather than casinos.

Responsible Gambling

A responsible gambler realizes that a strong desire to play live casino games may lead to harmful consequences. Knowing alone is not enough, though. You also need to make efforts to avoid the problem before it takes control over you. It is entirely in your power to be a happy live casino client rather than a distressed rehab patient.

What a live casino online can do

The best live casinos online advise their clients to limit play time, slash betting limits and stop losses, avoid certain casino games, and so on. If your case is serious, you can enter into a self-exclusion program. Self-exclusion is when a player asks a live casino operator to block their access to online casino games for a certain amount of time (a month at least).

What a player can do

If you feel that online gambling is turning from a mere hobby into obsession, you must never turn down any help. Admitting that you need help is the toughest thing to do. For the most part, addicts deny that casino games are slowly destroying their lives.

Responsible Gambling

Be sure to analyze your gambling behavior before the situation gets worse. The main symptom of developing addiction is the time you spend gambling at live casinos online. While several hours a week is all right, 2-3 hours a day is a dangerous sign. It’s when you should consider limiting your play time or taking a long break from live casinos. If you can’t imagine your day without gambling, it’s a sure sign that you suffer from gambling addiction.