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Live Casino. Real Dealer at Live Casino vs. Artificial Intelligence: Who’s Going to Win?


The ideas that artificial intelligence will soon replace humans are not new. Fiction authors of the middle of last century forecasted that robots and smart programs will be able to perform many tasks that humans got used to do: drive a car, work as a cashier or take bets at live casinos.

Fiction writers' forecasts are partly became true or start turning into reality. At a traditional online casino there is no service staff, at least in regular games. Players interact with another human when they contact customer support. Robots are not able to answer difficult requests for now, although there is a certain progress has been made.

Regarding live casino games, considering their standard and not difficult rules, there's no need in artificial intelligence. Games are played following strict algorithms that were programmed; there are no mistakes, pauses and comments.

Real Dealer at Live Casino vs. Artificial Intelligence: Who’s Going to Win?

It seems that online casino programs have won. But as usually, there is one nuance. This nuance is that playing at live casinos without real dealers is certainly possible, but the game itself becomes less interesting.

Such casino games as baccarat, roulette, blackjack aren't interesting if real dealers do not participate in the game. Computer program isn't able to replace a man. Moreover, without a real dealer a lot of players don't even look at these games.

The alternative is live casino with real dealers. Even though a dealer sometimes works from the studio thousands miles away from player, video broadcast makes distance insignificant. Of course, live casino customers won't be able to hold cards in their hands or touch the table, but at least they will see casino equipment, and what's the most important, a real dealer who is controlling the game at a live casino.

So, at least today it's too early to regard dealers as being unnecessary. Without them online live casinos will lose a lot. In any case, a live casino player should have a choice between two options. Everyone chooses what they like more.

Perhaps, after some time dealers at live casinos will be replaced by robots. And then robots will be sitting in the studio, spinning a roulette ball or dealing cards in blackjack. But now it's too early to talk about this kind of future. Even though prototypes of dealer robots are already presented to a wide audience, mass production and integration in live casinos isn't the case today.