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Why More People are Choosing Live Casinos than Ever Before


First came bricks and mortar, where you could step in and choose your table, sidle up and very quickly experience the thrill of interacting with adversaries and receiving cards flicked at lightning speed from a lithe-fingered dealer. Then came the online world, translating the experience into the simulated and digital, spreading the reach of the game to the furthest corners of the earth and the comfort of your own living room couch. And, eventually, in an almost natural step of evolution, a place between these two options appeared: live casinos.

Giving users the opportunity to play from home and having their cards dealt by a real person brings together the positive aspects of the online and offline worlds, reintroducing the human element in virtual casinos. So if you feel inspired by what you have already seen from to the 2017 World Series of Poker Live Reporting and wish to test new moves you’ve learnt without having to go all the way to Rio All Suite Hotel and Casino (where poker’s top yearly encounter takes place until July 17), then live casinos might just be the best next thing for you.

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Although most of the top players currently on the race for a new bracelet or the first place at the big events in WSOP usually play at events or traditional casinos like Aria, The Mirage or Caesar’s Palace, many of them enjoy the online options, like Daniel Negreanu or Phil Ivey, who have earned big sums on the web. As a matter of fact, “Kid Poker” himself is a true advocate of new technology – he even owes a mind-blowing hi-tech house – and it would come as no surprise if we eventually saw him step into a live casino to play his cards on a virtual, yet very real life, felt.

Although they have gained popularity as they also offer other games in addition to Hold’em or Omaha poker, including Roulette, Blackjack or Baccarat (which we have previously reviewed), there are a few aspects that have affected live casinos on their way to becoming an increasingly appealing option for players around the world. First of all, online casinos have managed to earn their users’ trust after many years by showing them that the mechanism of random number generators from digital hands is reliable. On the other hand, at traditional casinos there are several security checks and ways of monitoring that cards are in fact randomly dealt so that players can feel comfortable with the dealer in front of them. So, considering that live casinos are halfway between, it has taken a while for them to earn their users’ trust. Nonetheless, and considering that players can watch their dealer’s movements through the webcam and by wisely choosing to play at the most famous and reliable live casinos, the latter are steadily winning an audience, also in the light of a society that is increasingly motivated by virtual reality.

As for what is to come, considering the continuous technological evolution of our society, we could expect live casinos to start working on mobiles. This means that one day in the near future you will be able to chat with your croupier while you wait for a flight or – if your Internet connection is steady - as you sit on the lawn at a park. It seems hard to compete with this, doesn’t it?