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Live Casino. How to increase your winning chances at live casino roulette


The game of roulette has always distinguished itself among other live casino games. One can hardly imagine an online live casino without this spectacular and breathtaking game. Moreover, live roulette tables with live dealers at some live casinos are pure delight.

Along with exciting play process, online roulette features fat winning chances. In this article, we will go into detail on how you can boost your chances to win at online roulette.

Analyzing roulette results

According to the theory of probabilities, if a roulette ball landed into a red sector 9 consecutive times, the next time it will probably hit a black one. This clear and simple statement is the cornerstone of many computer programs that give roulette tips to players. Any online live casino player can download and install this helpful software to their personal computer. Furthermore, you are not breaking any online live casino rules by using such programs.

Winning chances at live casino roulette

The program records roulette results and identifies sectors which have the highest chances of winning. For an accurate analysis, the program needs to gather information on one hundred roulette sessions at least. At live casinos, collecting such a scope of information is a piece of cake.

At first it may seem that such helpers can really boost your winning chances. This is not the case, though. Random number generators used by live casinos create multiple number combinations over a unit of time. One of such combinations becomes a winning roulette sequence. Having no access to these data, your computer program does not take them into account. It is erroneous assuming that each roulette session has just one combination of winning numbers generated for it.

Winning roulette strategies

Various winning strategies are another popular method to come a step closer to victory. Many strategies were invented especially for the game of roulette and are used at online live casinos on a regular basis.

It’s not uncommon that players are confused by too tricky strategies and do not understand the risks associated with them. But the truth is that none of these strategies can enhance your winning chances. At live casino roulette, the house always has the edge over the player. There is not a slightest chance of turning tables here. You can make sure yourself by either analyzing your selected strategy or testing it in demo mode on a large number of roulette sessions.