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Live casino. Women at online live casino: myth or reality?


For some crazy reason, men strongly believe that live casinos were invented exclusively for them and that women have no interest in online gambling whatsoever. But according to statistics – which are the ultimate truth-teller, this opinion could not be father from truth. About 30% of live casino audience are females.

But the most interesting part is that this trend is also characteristic for land-based casinos in developed countries. In a USA casino, seeing a woman hitting slots is just as common as seeing a man playing poker. While in land-based casinos you can mostly see older people, younger generation prefers online live casinos as a more modern and convenient form of gambling entertainment.

Women are more passionate than men

Although this may hurt some male gamblers, women gamble much more passionately than men. Female gamblers immerse themselves into the play process faster, risk to place big bets, and leave live casino with juicy winnings. Luck loves the brave, and in this respect ladies tend to be more successful players.

Women at online live casino

Women know when to stop

Despite being really passionate about gambling, most females monitor how much money they have left on their online live casino account and when it’s best to quit the game. If you’re looking for savvy and reasonable gamblers among live casino clients, you should be looking for them among women. A most amazing thing is that women find quitting the game equally easy both after winning and losing. Furthermore, women are good at minimizing losses and locking in good profits. Men definitely can learn much from their more beautiful counterparts.

Women stick to the same live casino games

While men are trying dozens of various slots and switching between multiple strategies during one night, women find it hard to replace one slot with another. At the same time, women make a choice after careful consideration: they try a slot out in demo mode, compare it with other slots, and read gamblers’ reviews. For women, slot visuals are of crucial importance. The same goes for other online live casino games.

Women are using a far more reasonable approach to live casino gambling. By investing much time and effort into searching for a high-quality slot machine, ladies insure themselves against future disappointment . Men are less picky in selecting online live casino games, which makes it easier for them to switch between slots and other casino games.